PhD students

Matthijs Kalmijn

Professor of Demography

Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute




Bram Hogendoorn. The educational gradient in divorce (with T. Leopold & T. Bol)


Maaike Hornstra. How relationships affect relationships under conditions of family complexity (with K. Ivanova).


Suzanne de Leeuw. Family complexity and intergenerational reproduction (with R. van Gaalen).


Kirsten van Houdt. Family complexity and intergenerational solidarity (with K. Ivanova).


Lonneke van den Berg. Heterogeneity, life course transitions and well-being (with T. Leopold).


Maria Eismann. Coupled retirement (NIDI) (with K. Henkens).


Katja Chkalova. Economic uncertainty and demographic behavior (CBS) (with R. van Gaalen).




Mirjam Fischer. Social integration and wellbeing of same-sex couples, 2019 (with S. Steinmetz).

Levi van den Bogaard. How retirement affects a person's social life. University of Amsterdam, 2016 (with K. Henkens).


Pascale van Zantvliet. Interethnic dating in school perspective. Tilburg University, 2015 (with E. Verbakel).


Marleen Damman. Retirement in a life course perspective. University of Amsterdam, 2014 (with K. Henkens).


Jornt Mandemakers. Life course effects on well-being. Tilburg University, 2011 (with C. Monden).


Maaike van Damme. Cross-national studies of divorce consequences. Tilburg University, 2010 (with W. Uunk).


Judith Soons. Life course trajectories and well-being among young adults. NIDI/VU, 2010 (with A. Liefbroer).


Erik van Ingen. The changing nature of voluntary association memberships. Tilburg University, 2009.


Frank van Tubergen. The integration of ethnic minorities from a comparative perspective. Utrecht University, 2005 (with H. Flap & I. Maas).


Tamar Fischer. The consequences of divorce for children. Nijmegen University, 2004 (with P.M. de Graaf).


Anne-Rigt Poortman. Socioeconomic causes and consequences of divorce. Utrecht University, 2002 (with P.M. de Graaf).


Miranda Jansen. Waardenoriƫntaties en partnerrelaties. Utrecht University, 2002 (with A.C. Liefbroer).


Jacques Janssen. Intermarriage and divorce in The Netherlands. Nijmegen University, 2002 (with P.M. de Graaf).